Custom Cloud Systems

Sometimes your needs are simply not met by what's already out there.

So what is it?

Let’s first debunk the myth that the ‘cloud’ is something mysterious. A cloud system simply means that instead of having to install a program on your computer, the program runs on a server and you access it using your web browser. It removes the hassle of having to install programs, and provides peace of mind because cloud systems don’t rely on your computer or local server. You can access them via internet from any device, anywhere in the world.

Why do YOU need it?

A custom cloud system can be as intricate or simple as you need it to be. It can serve as your Point of Sale system, a registration to an event, a sales portal or anything else. It gives you the flexibility to have any and all features you need without the burden of difficult-to-navigate options that are not necessary. Custom systems are not for everyone. The more complex, the more expensive. But if generic tools simply aren’t doing the job, it can be an investment worth its weight in gold.

How should you use it?

The word ‘custom’ entails flexibility. There isn’t much else to say here. The process entails meeting with your project manager and discussing your needs. Planning is key, as building software is not unlike building a house. Once the framing is complete, major changes are costly and time consuming.

How we can help.

We’ve built custom systems for various different applications. The ease and efficiency of the project comes down to the project manager. We work with our clients to determine their needs, and this isn’t our first rodeo. If you’re not in software development, you may not know all the right questions to ask. We do, and we ask and answer them for you. We like quick turnaround times, and we know you do too. We like to deliver value. Planning is key to delivering both of those metrics. We excel at planning. And when that’s done right, the rest is a breeze.