Selling on the web has never been more important.

So what is it?

If you sell stuff, you can sell it in various ways. You could go to a fair, a farmers market, have a store downtown, walk door to door, or any other number of avenues. If you sell stuff, you should also sell it online. You probably bought something online. How did it make you feel? It’s pretty great when you can just click a few times and have merchandise arrive at your door.

Why do YOU need it?

It’s the easiest way to sell things to people. Low overhead costs, low involvement and the ability to reach millions of people nationwide. Even if you operate a brick-and-mortar establishment, in fact especially so, you should make your products available for sale online. This will allow your loyal customers the convenience of being able to order your merchandise from the comfort of their homes, and reinforce not only your brand, but also your profits.

How should you use it?

Setting up shop online is easy thanks to the multitude of ways to do so. The easiest few are to sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and numerous other niche online outlets. You can start selling right away, and while they do take a cut of your revenue, they provide a ready-to-go infrastructure and top notch support.

You can also create an online storefront of your own. This may sound intimidating, but there are a few great open source platforms that take some time to set up but cost nothing and have all the features you need to be a successful online merchant. Our favorite is Woo Commerce, which runs on WordPress CMS so you can easily integrate it with your website. It’s also flexible and has a great deal of community support. The other popular ones are Magento, Shopify, Opencart and Prestashop. Take a look – you can find many comparison reviews online. Our top choice is Woo Commerce because of the ease of use, ease of customization, and integration with the CMS that powers a third of all web, WordPress.

How we can help.

Strategy and development. The most successful online merchants take a two pronged approach. They use services like Amazon and eBay, and also have their online store. They also integrate their web presence and comprehensive digital strategy in order to maximize results. Each case is different and there is no one magical solution, but it always takes time and meticulous attention to detail. We would be happy to discuss your situation and help design a course of action specific to your needs.