Email Marketing

The modern alternative to the snail-mail.

So what is it?

Email marketing is a lot like direct mailings, yes? Well, not exactly. See, instead of blindly sending out junk mail, hoping that someone will cut out a coupon and come to your shop, we send useful content to people who want it. Mailboxes are constantly flooded with spam from people who provide services. You need to get out of the spam folder and into the inbox to improve your reach and target the right customers.

Why do YOU need it?

Direct mail costs 50 cents per mailer, plus the cost to print and develop content. Email marketing costs are limited to the content and design of the email, substantially reducing costs.

Email marketing SHOULD specifically target the kind of customers you want. By organizing your email campaigns by customer type, you can efficiently customize your message, thus improving read-rates.

Buttons. That’s right – buttons. A single click on an email can bring a potential customer to your website where you further prove your authority. Good email marketing leads customers to your website, sending them to email links or phone numbers. It’s as simple as that.

How should you use it?

In so many different ways! Promotional offers and content marketing are proven and powerful marketing techniques. Relevance is key. Sort through all your email addresses and group them into a few mailing lists. Make your promotional offers fun and relevant in terms of seasons, gender, age and various other factors. Track your customer behavior online and tailor your content and offers to their tastes and specific needs. Most importantly – don’t spam them. It won’t be long before they click the little ‘unsubscribe’ button and be lost forever. Spam won’t just cost you an entry in a mailing list. It will cost you a customer.

How we can help.

Email marketing is one of our favorite subjects. It involves the three things we love most – quality content, beautiful design, smart strategy. If you’ve never done email marketing before, or have done it successfully for years, we would love an opportunity to discuss your progress and goals. Incredible things happen when we put our minds together.