Show off your authenticity by straying away from stock photos.

So what is it?

Stock photography has boomed in the recent years. It was great; you’d just pay a few dollars to purchase imagery of smiling people who were doing something loosely related to what your company does. In the last couple of years though, consumers got weary of the same few people showing up in various websites. It just seems fake. Providing original, great quality images of your team and your services increases trust and the authenticity of your brand.

Why do YOU need it?

Imagery is important for several reasons. It is a challenge to create unique images that represent your brand, but it is also a great opportunity. Images craft a story that is more vivid than words can describe. As with most things related to marketing, personality is key. While stock imagery is fine from time to time, brand specific commercial photography goes a long way to win your clients’ affection.

How should you use it?

Today, high quality photos can be taken with equipment as basic as your smartphone. The import part is that they are authentic. Get the team together for a great friendly shot. Take individual team members’ photos for your team page on the web. Have leadership appear in various marketing materials. Take photographs of your process, your facilities, your equipment. Images are some of the most powerful tools in telling your story.

How we can help.

While photos taken with your iPhone or an Android phone are a great start, there comes a time when you need something more refined. Blue Pelican Media has a vast network of talented professional photographers and photo-editors able to accommodate the needs of businesses small or large nationwide as well as in-house professional photography and lighting equipment. If you sell products online or just want an authentic tale of your story, we can make it reality. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your photography needs.