Video Production

Tell your story with engaging video content.

So what is it?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Video content is not a novelty anymore. It used to be a gem only the biggest nationwide brands could afford to sport, but today, a marketing effort without video could be compared to a chair missing one of its legs.

Why do YOU need it?

We recommend promotional video materials because it’s simply a part of the puzzle that gets results. Whether it’s a YouTube ad, a customer testimonial, a product presentation or simply the owner of the company talking about what they do, it adds a personal touch to the otherwise bland mixture of words and still images.

How should you use it?

In any way you can. Topic-specific videos can be used to bolster your PPC landing pages. Customer testimonials can add a lot of weight to your brand image. YouTube advertising is extremely cost efficient and highly targetable. Content marketing has never been as accessible as it is today with video. As the average web user advances, video content becomes more important. YouTube is already the second largest search engine after Google. Read that last sentence again. Now act.

How we can help.

Video production is a crucial element of creating a modern web presence. Quality is of the essence. If investing into high quality equipment and learning to edit is not something you are interested in, give us a call. We love video work and will be glad to assist you with the entire range of tasks – from writing a script, to shooting the video, to post production and more.