What Do Facebook and the Superbowl Have in Common?

Clue: It has to do with reach...

What Do Facebook and the Superbowl Have in Common?

What Do Facebook and the Superbowl Have in Common?

Huge Audience!  Combine that huge audience with reaching the people local to you and you’ve hit a winner for your internet video ads.

Facebook now reaches what the marketing industry calls a “Super Bowl-sized audience.”  For example, this year on Mother’s Day alone Facebook posts reached a record high of 1.8 billion.  And it’s better than television because your audience clicks and looks at Facebook almost every day, instead of one special day each year.  This means your Facebook video ad will reach more eyeballs and cover all seasons.

But wait, there’s more!  Facebook video ads don’t only reach eyeballs like the Super Bowl, Facebook ads deliver clicks.  Facebook now delivers higher click-through rates than YouTube, which has been the go-to the video-platform for internet advertising.  When they click-through, your customers immediately get information about your business and they can find you.  If your web site has e-commerce ready, they will buy while their interest remains hot.

Now, all those “Likes”, “sharing” and “comments” on Facebook also mean users will promote you when you grab their attention with a hook.  At BPM, we find that hook for your business.  Then, because Facebook has higher user participation rates and customer engagement than other internet video channels, that hook will lead to buy.  If you’re trying to get people involved and thinking about your business, Facebook is the place to do it.

What YouTube Can Do For You

Next, YouTube is another fantastic option for advertising, but it serves a different purpose than Facebook. YouTube video ads result largely in views like a traditional television ad.  But YouTube’s view rate is four times higher than Facebook and you can target YouTube ads to reach specific audiences.

YouTube allows for targeting through specific channels in the platform.  Good targeting means your ads will receive a much higher view rate than ads that aren’t targeted.  At BPM, we will guide you in this process of targeting your ads.  These YouTube ads will then reach their key demographics with no problem.  YouTube is the place to reach a broader audience and to teach consumers why they should choose your business.

Facebook has recently introduced new tools that will help local businesses target too.  One new tool shows business owners who is in and near their physical store.  At BPM we have found this useful.  The other new tool allows businesses with multiple locations to create separate ads for each store.  Facebook is moving forward in the advertising arena.

How to Spend Those Ad Dollars

How should you spend your ad dollars then? On Facebook or YouTube? This depends on your product and where you are in your growth trajectory.  At BPM, we recommend that smaller local businesses spend their budget on Facebook to reach a local audience and use YouTube when they need to reach a broader base.  It almost goes without saying that if you are using Facebook as a marketing platform, then your business should also have a stellar web site.

That’s right, when you win those click-throughs, your web site needs to load quickly and be easy to navigate.  Your site must be understandable and catchy, to keep the clickers interest long enough for them to make the decision to buy.  It must guide them to that buy spot and excite them to cross the threshold into purchase land.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Combining superior engagement rates and so many more views, Facebook leads in online video advertising for local business owners.  Or as they say in Vegas “winner, winner, chicken dinner.”  But you don’t have to count cards to win this jackpot.

(If you have never heard this phrase, check out the movie “21”).